Köln Wein 2018 (Cologne Wine 2018) – Sympathetic Winemakers To Meet

We met these sympathetic winemakers during Köln Wein 2018:
We asked for the Rosé. And we were very delighted to taste those nice wines.


2018-Koeln-Wein-Weingut-Schoenmehl Stand A36


2018-Koeln-Wein-Weingut-Lamberth Stand A32

3 Weingüter - Weingut Kratz A28 | Weingut Herzog C4 | Weingut Loersch C9

3 Weingüter – Weingut Kratz A28 | Weingut Herzog Stand Stand C4 | Weingut Loersch Stand C9



2018-Koeln-Wein-Weingut-Biewers-Stand C8


2018-Koeln-Wein-Weingut-Paulushof Stand M12

2018-Koeln-Wein | Weingut Meyerhof Stand Stand C 20| Weingut Sailer Stand B25

2018-Koeln-Wein | Weingut Meyerhof Stand C 20| Weingut Sailer Stand B25

Köln Wein 2018 Besucher

Köln Wein 2018 (Cologne Wine 2018)

The Köln Wein is gastronomic consumer fair with a large display of German Wines from the major regions. And you can taste as well wine from Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey.

Köln Wein 2018 - Exhibition

Köln Wein 2018 – Exhibition

More than 170 Exibitors show their wines predominantly from 2017. A big portion of the wines are from wineries coming from th  Moselle (Mosel), Palatinate (Pfalz), Rhine-Hesse (Rheinhessen).

Köln Win 2018 Female winelovers seek their favorite wine

Köln Win 2018 Female winelovers seek their favorite wine

Köln Wein 2018 Consumer orders wine

Köln Wein 2018 Consumer orders wine

The winemakers are happy to take instant orders from the consumers.

The Exibitions is open on Sunday 8.April 2018 from 12 to 6. Location: Gürzenich Köln, Martinstraße 29-37, 50667 Köln. Ticket: 13 Euro per person.

You reach the Gürzenich Building in a few minutes via train 5 from the Cologne Main Station or a 12 minutes walk. We recommend public transportation.

Sancerre Rosé LE RABAULT by Winemaker Catherine Corbeau Mellot

Sancerre is usually known in Germany for a fabulous white wine. And thats what the well known Domaine Joseph Mellot stands for. It has just won a 2018 Gold Medal for the outstanding La Grande Châtelaine 2015 by the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon. Our congratulations for this award.

Gold Medal Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2018 -La Grande Châtelaine 2015

Gold Medal Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2018 -La Grande Châtelaine 2015

500 years of winemaking is a really astonishing tradition. The historic family-owned wine estate is located in the Centre-Loire vineyards of Sancerre. It was founded in 1513.  Generations of the Mellot family have refined the art of making great wine. In the 17 century  César Mellot gained recognition as wine advisor to King Louis XIV known for his long reign and his lavish style at Versailles.

The Mellot family followed the career of  vigneron (grape owner and winemaker) as well as wine merchants. It the 1800s the family had her own Inn at Sancerre and in 1881 was granted  a licence to sell it wines troughout France and abroad.

In this tradition Mrs. Catherine Corbeau Mellot traveled as President of  the Domaine Joseph Mellot to PROWEIN as an ambassador for the Grands Vins of  Centre Loire region. Mrs. Mellot runs a 100 hectare company with various vineyards at several locations.  Since 2002 the winery “Le Sentier du Vin” was established to receive the grapes harvested in Quincy and Reuily. Menetou-salon, Côteaux de Giennois and Châteumeillant add to the diversity of the portfolio.

CEO Domaine Joseph Mellot - Catherine Corbeau Mellot

CEO Domaine Joseph Mellot – Catherine Corbeau Mellot

Mrs. Mellot is very active and initiated the creation of the Association of the Dames de Coeur de Loire part of the french wine women – a group of 30 women from 7 wineries with different functions.

So it was a nice surprise for me to meet Mrs. Catherine Corbeau Mellot and taste her Rosé. LE RABAULT is made from Pinot Noir.

oseph Mellot Sancerre Le Rabault 2018Bottled in a clear Burgundy bottle it has a clear luminous salmon-pink color that is characteristic of Pinot Noir rose wines.

The nose develops floral notes of rose and peony at first and the rasberry scents. There is is a fine full taste with a freshness at the end, giving it a lasting quality.
This wine is pleasant because of its freshness and delicate aromas. It is a good companion for a summer evening even in cooler countries. It does not need hot climate to convince with the freshness.

The winemaker suggests the wine is perfect with deli meat, white meats, exotic dishes and sweet/savory dishes. The ideal serving temperature is between 10° and 12°C.


You’ll get to Sancerre and the Domaine Joseph Mellot within 2 hours from Paris: