#Party Wine 6n by Doina Vin from Moldavia

Party Wine 6n from Diona Vin

Prowein 2018 – 6n #Party Wine

Diona BORS presented us a fairly uncomplicated good tasting easy drinking rose wine for younger clients. 6n the label is a riddle. It has to do with roman writing of numbers. If you cannnot figure it out, you can check the diona vin website for the clou: http://doinavin.md/eng/blog/6n-what-does-it-mean.

Diona BORS Doina BORS explaning marketing strategygives this explanation for their marketing to visitor Alena Mechelke. The colorful labels contain minimum of information – the brand name 6n and a hashtag, which recommends an occasion.

For better differentiation between the six wines in this series, each label has a different color and recommended occasion: #VictoryWine has a violet label, #LoveWine a red label, #PartyWine a pink label, #RelaxWine a blue label, #AdventureWine an orange label and #PlayWine a yellow label.

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    • Wolfram Mechelke
      Wolfram Mechelke says:

      Dear Diona it was a pleasure to meet you. We hope that PROWEIN was a success for you.


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