Fine Pinot Noir Rosé by Winery Kilian Hunn

Spätburgunder Rosé Kilian Hunn

Prowein 2018 – Kilian & Martina Hunn

At the Prowein we met the charming winemakers from Baden which have a very tasty Pinot Noir Rosé in their cellar.
The family business is run by Kilian Hunn and his wife Martina, a trained winemaker and former Baden Wine Queen. She is active in the woman-wine VINISSIMA network.
Since his early days as a teenager when he started with 16 to work in the cellar and the winyards Mr. Hunn is a passionate winemaker. “Open the bottle and enjoy” is the basic credo of their passion for good taste.
The vineyards are located on the Tuniberg Hill in Gottenheim.
You can visit as well their tavern:

contact details:
Weingut Kilian Hunn
Rathausstraße 2
D-79288 Gottenheim
Tel. +49-7665-6207
Fax. +49-7665-6223

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