Germany’s Coolest Wines – German Wine Institute Competition during PROWEIN

The winery Hörner, which means horns in English, made fun of their own name. The Rosé was the only amoung the nominated 20 coolest wines of Germany a competition initiated by the German Wine Institute during PROWEIN. A total of 385 wines had participated at the competition which got a lot of press attention and sharing in the social media.

The winemaker Tommy Hörner coming from the established winery Hainbachhof in the Palatine region. Using the family name to create wines after his gusto he has choosen to promote his wine in three category of horns. The simply shaped bull horn represents the baseline, which also includes our selected rosé. According to the winemaker a great wine. And therefore he has choosen a provocative name “Horny”, which might be misunderstand in foreign countries.
The blend of Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Dorsa has just the right amount of aromas of intense red berries, cherries and gooseberries for us. The wine comes out pleasantly dry and with only 11.5 percent alcohol.
You can download the fact sheet here
You’ll find the at at a price of 7.00 Euro.